Characteristic of Marina’s paintings is that they are vivid, playful yet serene, luminous, and warm. They are an invitation to celebrate. A striking feature is Marina’s way of painting in loose, rendered strokes. Right from the start she was passioned about working with palette knife, which enables her smooth but decisive and expressive way of painting.


She developed her own style by using materials such as acrylic, oil, raw pigments or gold pigments and gold leaf. With these last materials she likes to reflect the interplay of rich and warm, earthy and scorched which gives her work a unique allure. As you can see, she explores innovative ways to apply these materials. In some of her works she uses gold pigment and 24 carat gold leaf which captures and reflects the light in an elegant way. As the light during our days and nights changes all the time, so does the reflection of the paintings with golden elements.